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Skills: Amazon AWS, MySQL, Apache Web Server, WordPress, PHP, Javascript, CSS

About this project

Published in Toronto and distributed directly to people living and working in the Waterfront and Downtown area. Reaching over 100,000 readers with every issue; it is the only community-based magazine distributed directly to residents and businesses by Globe and Mail newspaper and Canada Post. The magazine appeals to the unique lifestyle and interests of your target market: affluent, cosmopolitan and upscale.

Toronto Waterfront Magazine was established in 2003. It offers informed views and current opinions on local issues and events in the community. Our editorial content is highly relevant and entertaining.

The Problem

On March 2017 our client discovered that their website had been hacked by automated bots that infected it with malware, and had turned it into a spamming machine. Their domain was blacklisted on anti-spam databases and the website was most of the time unreachable. Along with the spamming scripts hacking bots also injected phishing scripts, these scripts are responsible for getting websites flagged by Google as an “unsafe website” unfortunately, sometimes, what starts as a great WordPress site, can become a nightmare for a business.

It’s implied that if your site becomes a victim of a hacker or hacking bots, your clients could lose trust in the security of your site for their web based business, destroying all your hard work at building a credible online presence.

The solution

To find the root cause of the problem and restore the site we followed these steps:

  1. Downloaded a dump of the database and the website files from hostgator
  2. Launched a virtual private server in Amazon AWS and installed Apache with MySQL.
  3. Imported the database and WordPress files.
  4. Hardcoded a temporary domain in the wp-config.php file
  5. The website loaded successfully and Admin account became accessible
  6. Changed all administrative backend passwords
  7. located and removed hacker accounts with admin rights
  8. Scanned the site for malware, found and close the backdoors the hackers left
  9. Removed infected files and uninstalled infected plugin
  10. Cleaned up malware files in the WordPress core directory
  11. Removed infected files from the theme
  12. Created child theme and updated to latest version
  13. Re-installed plugins.
  14. Updated everything.


The Waterfront Magazine has a new, fresher look that aims to provide a pleasant and more accessible experience for its readers. The redesign seeks to resemble the look and feel of the current printed issue, to provide a  seamless integration with the existing brand.


We take extra measures to secure your website to protect your data and your online reputation. We proactively monitor your website’s traffic and we automatically ban unwanted harmful traffic, we apply advanced tweaks to the servers and WordPress configuration to lockdown the website.
Securing a WordPress site is more than installing a security plugin and walking away.  Sometimes, it’s the simple things you haven’t thought of yet that make the difference between a mediocre security strategy and a great one.

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Our company originated in Toronto, Canada, forming part of the web development companies of one of the capitals of technological development in the world; our clients include, merchants, NGOs, and businesses in Canada, the United States, Mexico and El Salvador, with the Canadian office being the command center where the production process is orchestrated.